Re·lat·a·ble —



1: enabling a person to feel they can relate to someone or something.


2: A new podcast by Jonathan Albiar. A place where honest unfiltered conversations go without judgment.



Check out the latest episodes and see if Jonathan is still talking to himself.

E04: Control It

Jonathan speaks with Amelia.

Jonathan and Amelia talk about anorexia, will power, control and the struggle Amelia went through growing up and continues to work through daily.

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E03: More Intricate Than You Think

Jonathan has a conversation with Michael.

Jonathan and Michael discuss Michael’s childhood, relationships, and family life. This conversation may have gotten away from us a little at times, but I did my best to wrangle it back on topic.

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E02: More Than A Couple

Jon has a conversation with Val & Tyler.

Jonathan chats with Val and Tyler about coming out, relationships, the moment you know you’re in love, and what a future in LA for a gay couple may look like.

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E01: Crazy Stupid Friendship

Jonathan has a conversation with Rachel.

On the first episode of Relatable, Jonathan and Rachel talk about how they met. Rachel goes into the moment she knew their friendship would be timeless. They also talk about dating through technology, family, and food. Mmm mmm good.

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