Re·lat·a·ble —



1: enabling a person to feel they can relate to someone or something.


2: A new podcast by Jonathan Albiar. A place where honest unfiltered conversations go without judgment.



Check out the latest episodes and see if Jonathan is still talking to himself.

E08: Angel on the 8th Day

Jonathan has a conversation with Angel.

Angel and I have known each other for a little over ten years. This is actually quite a special person in my life. There are only a couple other people who’s friendships have lasted this long. I wanted Angel to come on the show because I knew our conversation would just flow. We talk all the time on the phone or text about the most random or serious of things. We both just have an understanding and ease about the way we speak to each other. I’m glad we can share this time and bring you into our conversation.

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E06: Remember to LOVE Yourself

Jonathan has a conversation with Wesley Woods (Shane).

One of my favorite things about Relatable is the variety of people I get to meet and speak with. Everyone has their own story to tell and in this episode I not only captured that, but I was also able to capture a genuine connection that was made with Shane on our first meeting. We were able to have a conversation about love, sex, acceptance, porn, comedy, living in LA….

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E05: A New Chapter of Faith

Jonathan has a conversation with Joachim.

Jonathan an Joachim talk about growing up in the south, faith, religion, and the overwhelming feeling of life. Joachim opens up about his past, dealing with abuse, a hearing impairment, and the way he chose to overcome that pain.

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